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Some kind words from our AWESOME Customers!  We love our customers and do everything we can to keep them happy! 

Craig Chislett:
I love heavyweights because the staff there are friendly and knowledgeable about the supplements and if they don't know they answer they will tell you and not BS like some of the other shops around town. They also don't try to push stuff on you that you don't need or have a use for.

Ryan Collins

Well rob i love heavyweights because its not like other supplement stores where all they care about is making money. At heavyweights you guys care about your customers and are more than willing to give workout tips and advice about what sup...plements are best for what you want and the money you want to spend.
Keep it up!See More

Justin Hogan:
Heavyweights dont bullshit there customers into buyin stuff that wont work or dont need always have great staff workin there tryin to help you with your goals on what you should be takin or what could help and the price are the best in town!

James Roberts :
I love heavyweights because it offers me great products at a reasonable price with excellent customer service. As well, the advice and testimonials offered are very beneficial.

Andrew Murphy :
Never seen a store with better customer service. Never at Popeye's or GNC (Like the Jesus I'd shop at GNC anyway.) will I be given a free shirt, free shakers, and a couple of free samples + a facebook add from the shop owner/manager. You got a knowledgable staff and probably the fairest prices.

Janine Hodder
Theres a few reasons.... the staff are knowledgable and willing to help, friendly and helpful, it is locally owned and operated, and it offers a wide selection of products!! :)

Phil Temple AdrenalineForcemma :
I would have to agree with some other comments I find Heavyweights have very knowledgeable staff and they Don't push products on you that you do not need, which is a great bonus compared to other supplement stores. Any questions you have they are happy to answer or find out the answer, even if there is a cheaper price somewhere else, which isn't the case, Heavyweights will get my business because customer service is great.

Josh Hawco :
Customer service is great! Every time you go in there, the person who is behind the counter always goes out of their way to try and help you find what is best for you. I quickly switched over from Popeyes after my first purchase at heavyweights!

Bobby MacKenzie
There is no Heavyweights in Halifax, makes buying difficult, but the reason I love Heavyweights? Two words: Ryan Mercer.

Alyssa Mouland :
I love shopping at Heavyweights! I used to live locally so it was convenient and I really appreciated the sincere customer service. They never tried to sell me something that they didn't think would work for my body. I've since moved to a... different country and because of the service I received from Heavyweights in the past, I do all my supplement shopping online with them even though there are numerous chain supplement stores right in my neighbourhood. It also helps that every employee actually works out and tries the products so they know what they are recommending! See More

Leanne Badcock
I love shopping at heavyweights because of the help and honest advice you get from the staff. Supplements are never pushed to make a sale; it is always an honest opinion of what would work best for my goals. Always helps too that I work out at the owners club, and take fitness and nutrition advice too :)

Gill Whelan
Service is top notch, and the staff is well informed on the complete product line!

David Button
Service! I went to get some supps today but you were closed when I got there. I wated for an hour to go back when you were opened instead of going somewhere els because I had some questions and I know I would get the right answers at heavyweights as apposed to GNC or Popeyes.

Mark Duffett
I love shopping at heavyweights because of the knowledgeable staff which give informed and valued opinions along with the low prices and frequent deals.

Ross Mitchell
Heavyweights provides real customer service with employees who are knowledgable and understand the different needs of weightlifting, whether your an olympic lifter or a guy like me they are always a great help

Christopher Russell
Well I love that if you have a question on training or supps they have the answers they will never steer you wrong!

Sheldon Pike
I love shopping at heavyweights to support the local supplements dealer :). Always good to help out a business owner!

David Clarke
i love shopping at heavyweights because the help and advice i get about working out. honestly i wouldnt know which suppliments to take if it wasnt for and asking the people working at the store. also im all about supporting local business and not to mention the prices are great

Ken Samson
Heavy Weights prices are competitive if not lower than most online stores, you have a wide variety and because you are a fitness trauner/supplement user you are able to answer questions I might have about products/training helping me to meet my fitness goals ... And of course I like free stuff :)

Moudy Shublaq
I find at Heavy Weights the staff are knowledgeable with all the products and are willing to take the time to help me get the right product.

I also like how I can preview all the products on the website before coming in.

Garrison Hall
Heavyweights has great staff, that are knowledgeable of the product line and will provide honest feedback. Great prices, and sales that cannot be beat. Great selection and availability. And most importantly for me, it’s a local business, and does not follow chain store approach of pushing products to make sales.

John Lawlor
Rob, your dedication and knowledge of training and supplements is shared by your staff. I have only been back to the province a short time, but was buying supplements from you before you even had a storefront.
I couldn't wait to spent some ...Christmas cash at your store after Boxing Day. Thanks again Josh, for your honesty and tips when I dropped in.
I look forward to having a continued relationship with Heavyweights based on great value for my money and the comfort of knowing that the best product were recommended by your staff based on my needs.

Larry Clarke
great staff and really good price's on everything in the store o ya and if there is anything u want to know just talk to the staff :)

Adam Noseworthy
I go to find out what NOT to buy! Alot of people can put foolish things in your head and the staff at Heavyweights will give you a reality check. With the right advice, and the right product, it's hard to leave there satisfied! And Robs alright too I guess... lol

Robbie Z
I like heavyweights because it has a wide selection of products that are of great quality. I also like how the employes are friendly, but not overly friendly trying to push the sale. Making the trip to heavyweights was well worth it, and if anyone else goes there, they will feel the same.

Nick Bray
The first time I went to Heavyweights one of the staff members actually told me not to buy the supplement I was about to purchase because it was not useful for the goals I looked to accomplish. Ever since then I have looked at Heavyweights as a place that actually cares about their customers and not just making money, because of that I continue to buy my supplements there.

Bonita Brenton
My husband loves Heavyweights because the products actually work for him and he has had amazing results. He says Rob is very helpful and he gets samples of some of the things he would like to try as well as the fact that he feels he gets a good deal there as compared to some other places he used to go to. I went there to get him something for Xmas and found Rob to be wonderful too!!

Hughie Antle
The first time I walked into heavyweights the man behind the counter was extremely helpful at giving me advice on reaching my goals. Now many years later I know Rob and value his advice, when it comes to supplements I will ask him any questions I have. I constantly recommend heavyweights and Rob as the place for any of my clients to go if they want to know more about and buy supplements.

Darren Lewis
Heavyweights is the ONLY place to go when it comes to supplements. Friendly staff who are actually Knowledgeable about the products they sell. Not to mention the prices are great and you always feel great when you leave the store because everyone there wants to help you every way possible.

Jason Brenton
Heavyweights provide their customers with top notch customer service. I love the fact that the staff won't recommend a product that they haven't already tried themselves. If there's anyway Rob can help you he will. There's nobody else I would even consider buying my supplements from. Great Job Rob keep up the great work.

Jon King I
like the customer service and their willingness to ship across the province. Now that I am ready to lift again, I will be shopping there soon.

Stephen Sheppard
I like shopping at heavyweights, good customer service, always lots of samples. And a decent selection to look at. Also loves coming in to have a chat haha

Kerri-Leigh Ivany-Pittman
I love going to Heavyweights simply because the staff there ROCK! They always make you feel comfortable even if you don't know what the hell you're talkin' about or looking for, they're knowledgable on the products and don't just try to mak...e a sale, they genuinely take the time to listen to the customers needs to try and figure out what the best product would be and they are forever patient in answering questions and explaining things. It's very much a buddy atmosphere which allows you to build a rapport and trust with the workers which in turn enables you to feel comfortable in purchasing and trying new products. Bottom line, HEAVYWEIGHTS just ROCKS people..go there! :)
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