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Purple-K (Kre-Alkalyn) 100 caps
Part Number 804090
Purple-K (Kre-Alkalyn) 100 caps
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Purple-K (Kre-Alkalyn) King of Creatine!

Purple K Is The World's First Creatine That Does Not Convert To Toxic Creatinine

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is Purple-K the King of Creatine?

Throw away all your other creatine products, they don't mean much anymore. Purple-K is the world's first creatine that does not convert to toxic creatinine ('kree-AT-ah-neen'). This means you will be able to experience all the benefits of creatine without the side effects, while consuming much less at a fraction of the cost. Regular creatine was a significant breakthrough in sports nutrition. It increased muscle size, strength and endurance giving athletes the edge they needed to excel. But the problem with existing creatine supplements is their inability to deliver a concentrated and stable amount of creatine to your muscular system once a liquid activates it.

Many companies rely on testing methods like HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography) to guarantee their creatine products are 100% stable and pure. However, these products are only tested when dry. The story changes dramatically as soon as they are added to a liquid. Their regular creatine molecules become extremely unstable and rapidly convert to creatinine, a useless, toxic bio-waste. As a result, only a fraction of the original dose ever makes it to your muscle cells; the majority converts to creatinine before reaching your bloodstream. Research now confirms that creatinine is the actual cause of the side effects associated with creatine use, not the creatine itself. Purple-K, the King of Creatine, has solved this problem. .

What is creatinine?

Creatinine ('kree-AT-ah-neen') is a toxic waste that is produced when regular creatine hits liquid. Creatinine is so toxic that your kidneys work overtime to protect you from damage. This stress is why people get gut-rot, diarrhea, nausea and bloating. Purple-K prevents this by giving you a 100% stable creatine source.

How does Purple-K stop the toxic conversion from

creatine to creatinine?

Purple-K is buffered creatine. The pH level of Purple-K is between

12-14 and this prevents it from breaking down in any liquids - even stomach acids. The exclusive Kre-Alkalyn® pH Controlled Delivery System® makes this possible.

Feature: 698
 Customer Reviews Average Rating review  
Extream energy.
  I''ve tryed many other types of pills and powders and this is the best one yet by far. It gives you tons of energy and pushes you to the limit when working out!
  Reviewed by:  Adam Gamble from ThunderBay. on 11/3/2007
Purple K.
  I found that it worked great. I tryed it half a year ago and noticed that I had more energy and more strive to work out. The last few months Ive tried without it and I''ve noticed the difference which hasn''t been too well. I reccomed it for sure.
  Reviewed by:  Gerald O''Neill from St. John''s, NL. on 9/9/2006
Purple K
  Very solid product. I''ve tried many other forms of creatine and nothing compares. I found very fast results and great endurance. The capsules make it very easy to take with no messy powders to mix up.
  Reviewed by:  Colossus from NL. on 3/23/2006
  An excellent creatine. I found this worked fast, noticed it right away. Improved muscle endurance and energy. Only 4 caps a day on training days. Great product & highly reccomended
  Reviewed by:  Robert King from Newfoundland. on 3/16/2006
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