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Part Number 531
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Extreme EPO/Nitric Oxide Loading Supplement with B-Complex & Vitamin D-3 For Massive Endurance & Mind Blowing Pumps!
Brace yourself for the MOTHER OF ALL (Pump Blasting) BOMBS! MOAB is a foundation nitric oxide, blood building pump enhancer that will take your body to another level of muscle engorging performance. Building endurance comes from getting more blood to your muscle (vasodilation) and having more red blood cells to transport oxygen (erythropoiesis). MOAB maximizes each of these processes for mind blowing potential. So, no more blood doping or EPO injections. Just “real’” results from a groundbreaking innovation! It is also fortified with multiple ANABOLIC scientific breakthroughs, plus synergistic B-Complex Vitamins and a high dose Vitamin D-3 for further anabolic potential! In case you didn't know, Vitamin D-3 is VERY ANABOLIC! We provide a safe and very hefty dose of it in this formula! We warn you... after a solid workout on this stuff, it may feel like your arms are going to explode! Remember, it’s NMDA enhanced, plus there’s no creatine, no fillers, no fluff and no B.S.

MOAB® is a patent pending, ultra high tech advancement in foundation sports nutrition that supports dramatic and continuous muscle pumps, anabolic potential and red blood cell building nutrients. MOAB® is designed to promote the build up of nitric oxide in the system with a unique time release blend and additional anabolic and hemopoietic stimulating co-factors. Muscles and blood vessels become saturated with these compounds, which elicits dramatic muscle engorging effects. Once you start using it, you will immediately feel the difference.

Here is how it works:
Taken twice to three times daily, MOAB® builds in the system. However, its effects may be noticed instantly by many users. With a steady state delivery of nitric oxide precursor compounds, muscle pumps are dramatically enhanced. The red blood cell building effects of the EPO co-factors act synergistically with the nitric oxide enhancers to facilitate oxygen delivery to muscle cells from the lungs. This allows for greatly enhanced workout performance, endurance and muscle swelling pumps. The best part about this technology is that, the harder you workout, the more hypoxic of an environment you create in your body. This is a trigger for our EPO co-factors, which help to greatly step up production.

Muscle pumps and vascularity are further supported via hormonal enhancement via the n-methyl-d-aspartate receptor pathway. Our cutting edge ingredient NMDA specifically targets growth hormone, testosterone, IGF-1 and IGF-2 release and has been scientifically shown to provide dramatic effects! This will be amplified by your intense workouts! Myobolic-SERMS1&2 kick in the anabolism and promote lean, hard and dry muscle gains, plus many other additional health and longevity benefits. Mitochondrial biogenic agents stimulate the muscle cell powerhouse to ramp up energy and increase the number of these mitochondrial power centers. Our enzymatic refueling recovery composite pulls the entire formula together by providing powerful enzyme that aid amino acid digestion and utilization in the body. To top off the formula, we've got that highly ANABOLIC dose of Vitamin D-3 to really jack up your testosterone and muscle building potential.

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