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Fat Gripz
Part Number 475
Fat Gripz
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Well, I’ve found a much better solution that we can ALL use to get MASSIVE results.

The Ultimate Arm Builder!

FAT GRIPZ|FAT GRIPS|Weight Training|Weight Lifting|Strength Training|Grip

    *FAT GRIPZ are a unique training device that simply wraps around standard barbells, dumbbells and cable attachments instantly converting them into thick bars
    *FAT GRIPZ will help you build REALLY BIG ARMS, REALLY FAST
    *They start working from your very first workout with them… and you can literally feel them working (the “pump” in your arms is going to be insane!)

Charles Poliquin     
“At the Poliquin Strength Institute and in all gyms I have consulted for, thick handle dumbbells are a staple purchase. However, they are not cheap by any means and, of course, you can only find them in top notch training centers. But there is an alternative: FAT GRIPZ. They are tough as hell and fit on any regular weight training equipment better than anything else I have ever seen. Now you have no excuses for sporting your weak eleven-teen inch arms! To get your own pair go to”

- Charles Poliquin, trainer of over 400 Olympic athletes, Olympic medallists in 17 different sports and numerous bodybuilders and stars of the NFL and NHL

    *FAT GRIPZ are made from a high performance proprietary compound which makes them ROCK SOLID on the bar! They are designed to have no “give” or slippage whatsoever and to maintain the thick bar shape at all times so you can even bench really heavy with them
    *FAT GRIPZ give you all the benefits of a gym which has a full set of thick-grip weights
    *They are of exceptionally high quality and design and will be a faithful tool to help you build BIG ARMS and MUSCLE and POWER throughout your upper body
    *You don’t even need to do any extra sets, reps or exercises – simply use them in the rest of your workout
    *They are small, light and fully portable so you can take them with you to train anywhere
    *FAT GRIPZ are extremely versatile and can help you to strengthen almost ALL exercises
    *They can save you YEARS of wasted effort and frustration in the gym
    *They are totally unique – you won’t find anything else which comes close (I know… I’ve tried everything!)

 Customer Reviews Average Rating review  
  These are a great training tool! Looking to boost your arms? Try these! They hit the forearms like crazy! way more challenging! Also great for press movements to mimick fat bar training
  Reviewed by:  Robert King from St. John''s. on 1/19/2010
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