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FUSION GLUTAMEND 630g (120 Servings)
Part Number 520
FUSION GLUTAMEND 630g (120 Servings)
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GLUTAMEND’s primary job is to rebuild your muscles so they’re bigger and stronger. Its scientific formula contains an ingredient clinically shown to fuel muscle fibre division and growth at the muscle site, resulting in up to a 400% increase.

GLUTAMEND supports healthy muscle contraction and a relaxed muscle response. This makes your body ready to sustain increasingly intense muscular activity over progressively long periods of time. The ingredients in GLUTAMEND work to increase workout performance and total muscular endurance capacity, and to aid in protein synthesis and the construction of new muscle tissue.

Nitrogen is an essential building block of amino acids, which in turn are vital for the creation of proteins. This makes a positive nitrogen balance vital for muscle growth. GLUTAMEND ensures your body has the nitrogen it needs to keep you anabolic and help your muscles grow massive. Plus, it also stimulates growth hormone release!

Glutamine is essential for the functioning of some cells of the immune system. Intense bodybuilding training depletes glutamine concentrations by as much as 40%. GLUTAMEND helps prevent this deficiency by supplementing your immune system with glutamine, thus keeping it strong. The glutamine in GLUTAMEND helps prevent infection, keeping you on your game and in the gym.

GLUTAMEND contains glutamine, which has been shown to be important for the health and function of your intestine. It’s the principal fuel for cells in the small intestine, and use of glutamine supplements such as GLUTAMEND has been shown to increase the number and size of intestinal cells. Healthy intestines mean better digestion, and better digestion means more of the nutrients you need to get huge.

Your bones are the framework on which you build your physique. GLUTAMEND contains calcium, which is essential for bone strength, and Vitamin D3, which aids in calcium absorption. Ensure that you’re ready to build big.

Calcium is essential for correct nerve function and muscular contraction. Calcium plays an essential role in nerve function and nerve-firing mediation and therefore aides the muscle building action of glutamine. Whereas calcium aides in muscle contraction, glutamine follows-up to maximize that contraction through providing the optimal anabolic environment. Animal research suggests that calcium further aides in glutamine activity by mediating nerve function and brain glutamine usage. Calcium also aides in the maintenance of strong bones – the underlying skeletal structure upon which you build muscle. Strong bones support strong functional muscles.

Vitamin D3, similar in structure to testosterone and other steroid hormones is essential for hormone manufacture and also is essential for maintaining a strong cardiovascular system – a system that circulates oxygen and nutrients to your hard-working muscles. Vitamin D3 makes you work harder because it helps sustain high levels of blood calcium, thus ensuring that the calcium-mediated nervous system has sufficient calcium supplies to fuel and sustain increasingly intense muscular activity over progressively long periods of time. By helping to sustain blood calcium levels, Vitamin D3 increases workout performance and your total muscular endurance capacity. It may also increase your muscular yield gains.

So....Get ready to grow.
GLUTAMEND can help make sure your body is in the go zone. You’ll rebuild your muscle faster so you’ll grow. Get healthy, healing and huge by including GLUTAMEND in your program.

See dosing schedule below. The ideal dosing protocol is to take 1 rounded scoop 4 times daily with water, juice or a protein shake. Take GLUTAMEND in the morning immediately upon waking, immediately prior to a workout, after a workout and again just prior to bed. On non-workout days, take 1 rounded scoop of GLUTAMEND upon waking and before bed.
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