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Part Number 530
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Muscle Engorging Size, Strength and Recovery Agent Triggers Massive Anabolic Activity Before, During & After Workouts

NUKE is designed to saturate your muscles with the highest potency of FREE FORM ESSENTIAL amino acids on the market, plus a multitude of synergistic co-factors. Unlike all other post workout formulas just loaded with low cost, fat increasing creatine monohydrate, NUKE contains raw essential amino acids (one your body cannot produce and needs from diet) that get instantly absorbed and utilized in the body. Unlike whey protein, these aminos do not need to be broken down to get to work on triggering powerful anabolic recovery processes. Also loaded with BCAA's, high quality carbs and without stimulants, Nuke® induces muscle pumps, endurance and energy beyond comparison. Remember, it's NMDA™ enhanced, plus there's no creatine, no fillers, no fluff and no B.S.

Nuke® is a patent pending, ultra high tech advancement in pre, during and after workout sports nutrition. It will help fuel your body with powerful, scientifically validated myogenic nutrients and full spectrum free form "ESSENTIAL" amino acids that may dramatically enhance your performance and recovery! This formula is Caffeine free and is perfect when used in concert with Napalm® or even by itself when trying to avoid stimulants altogether. Nuke® combines cutting edge technologies that saturate your muscles with cell hydrating, glucose shuttling, plasma expanding nutrients that provide profound muscle recovery and anabolic support. Once you start using it, you will immediately feel the difference.

Here is how it works:
Upon ingestion, Nuke® works fast, via high molecular density glucose polymers, to shuttle active ingredients into the bloodstream. This is achieved with our remarkable Glycero-LOAD technology. This powerful technology replenishes muscle glucose stores and further helps muscle stay fully hydrated. During workouts, this is essential for maximum performance. The shuttled nutrients now saturate muscles with a scientifically developed and balanced blend of free form essential amino acids and powerful synergistic co-factors. Keep in mind that most other formulas on the market use a lower cost whey protein blend, then claim its constituents on the label, but do not use pure free from "essential" amino acids. However, full spectrum "free form" essential aminos are used in Nuke® as they are much more rapidly assimilated by the body to exert powerful anabolic effects as shown in countless scientific studies. Specifically, the mTOR/PIC-3 and HSP pathway is targeted by our blend and enhanced via Leucine and Glutamine/Arginine co-factors. This effect is further supported by the remaining essential free form amino acids, which as their name implies, are essential for the anabolic growth and muscle repair process.

Nuke® also incorporates powerful HSP (heat shock protein) stimulating technologies that synergize with free form amino acids and enzymatic refueling composite for unparalleled support. Mitochondrial biogenic agents stimulate the muscle cell powerhouse to ramp up energy and increase the number of these mitochondrial power centers. NMDA™ is the final and most powerful catalyst to the anabolic equation. This remarkable amino receptor regulates hormonal output and may dramatically support increases of growth hormone, testosterone, IGF-1 and IGF-2 during and after your workouts. This combined formula provides unmatched support for enhanced workout performance, recovery and muscle growth

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