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Part Number 557
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ASSAULT combines natural ergogenic agents to promote endurance, dramatically ramp up training intensity and razor-sharpen mental focus.* Cutting-edge ingredients, like Creatine HCL and Suma root, at efficacious doses (four grams of Beta -alanine per serving) are blended with other scientifically suggested building blocks citrulline malate and arginine to produce a product that supports strength and power like no other.* Tested and perfected on top professional athletes, ASSAULT is now available to athletes everywhere! Try it for yourself and experience training and performance like never before - you'll see why Musclepharm's ASSAULT is the Athlete's Choice in performance boosting pre-workout power!
Feature 6
ASSAULT™'s clinically driven formula combines the vital "powerhouse" active ingredients above with several key synergists into 3 "MATRICES" specifically formulated to maximize performance-enhancing impact. With more than TWICE the active ingredients per dose of other major brands, few other products can stand up to the power of ASSAULT™!
Feature 7
Muscle Explosion NO Matrix: Powerful volumizing compounds, hydrogen ion scavengers and anti-fatigue agents work synergistically to keep muscles jammed, full and tight, with more contractile power than Mother Nature ever anticipated.* This component of ASSAULT™'s aggressive formula will keep you training until the lights go down.
Feature 8
Strength Domination & Recovery Matrix: Years of research has produced our most powerful and soluble creatine combo on the market. The result is Creatine Micro-Dosing® which maximizes bio-availability. • Experience Strength, Endurance, and Muscle Recovery.* • Ramp up ATP Production, Feed Cellular Volume, and Enhance Nutrient Uptake.* • Exclusive Creatine Synergy (Creatine HCL/CreaPure)??" Clinically formulated to be more powerful and bio-available then other creatines. • Mind Connection Matrix:
Feature 9
Suma Root ??" Russian Anabolic Secret: ASSAULT™'s secret weapon! Suma is a natural performance-boosting, strength-and muscle-building herbal derivative that has been used for years by top Russian Athletes.* Suma is a South American herbal derivative with several adaptogenic properties. Suma gets its muscle-building properties from its high levels of phyto-chemicals including beta ecdysterone and other ecdysteroid glycosides.* Suma is suggested to:* * increase nitrogen retention and support protein synthesis* * improve cellular oxygenation and enhance energy pathways* * regulate hormone levels* * support immune function* * enhance recovery and improve energy*
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